Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Wine 09

From the 25th July to the 30th of August, some 45 people from Trinity found themselves in tents (Well, Tim did have the luxury of a caravan!) in the middle of a field at the Newark Showground. The weather this year was mixed, ranging from hot sunshine to torrential rain, but God has his hand over everything and once again we were able to relax and fill ourselves with his Spirit.

We learnt some amazing new worship songs and I was able to really bask in the love of my Father. I learnt the need to relinquish control. Something which those who know me will know that I do not find letting go an easy thing to do. I have always been afraid of letting go and relinquishing control, yes, even to God. But over the last year I have realised that when I do let Him take over, He tends to take me to a better place than the place I was before. Sometimes the place I end up is not where I expected to be, but inevitably it has always been a place that has proved to be better than where I was before!