Monday, 7 December 2009

Street Pastors, Boston

On Saturday 21st November we had our first day's training for the Boston Street Pastor scheme...

Serving Boston on the streets

Here are some of the questions that we had answered:

Q. What is a street pastor?

A. A Street Pastor is an individual with a heart for their community, in particular for its young people who feel themselves to be excluded and marginalised. They are willing to engage with people where they are on the streets, in the pubs and in the clubs.

Street Pastors need to be willing to work with fellow activists, church and community leaders, and with agencies and projects, both statutory and voluntary, to look at collaborative ways of working on issues affecting youth, and initiatives that will build trust between them and the Street Pastors.

Q. Who can become a street pastor?

A. A street pastor must

  • be over 18
  • have been committed to a Christian fellowship/church for at least a year.
  • be able obtain a positive reference from their church Minister.
  • be able to attend the training sessions.

Q. What other qualities does a street pastor need?

A. A street pastor must

  • have a concern for society and its young
  • be able and willing to build bridges.
  • listen...not preach.
  • be willing to earn respect and the right to show and share the gospel.
  • be non-judgemental and able to operate without prejudices.
  • be able to engage with people at their level and with empathy.
  • build up a knowledge and awareness of their community.

Q. I cannot go out on the streets at night, but is there any other way I can be a part of the Boston Street Pastor Scheme?

A. Going out on the streets is only a part of the street pastor scheme. People are also needed who would be willing to be prayer backers for the teams of street pastors and help with administering the scheme.

Q. When does the Street Pastor Scheme in Boston get underway?

A. The initial training of the Street Pastors has already started. The teams will be commissioned in a service on the evening of Friday January 29th 2010 after which the first teams will go out into the town.


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