Monday, 18 January 2010

Trinity News

I am very excited to have recently been christened, "Editor" of Trinity News, our popular church magazine. Having looked into it I have discovered that issues of this worthy tome date back to wartime, and I am looking forward to showing readers some of the oldest articles and looking at how life at Trinity has changed (or not!)

Fortunately I am not alone in this venture. Paula is Deputy Editor, Ant is in charge of IT, and Kirstyn of advertising. I would never be able to do it alone!

One thing I would like to see is a massive increase in readership. Currently around 200-250 copies are being sold, with a high percentage of readership being amongst non church attenders. I would like to bring that up to 400 over the next year! I don't know if that is achievable, but I would like to think we can make it happen.

We need to:
* improve the content
* boost sales by advertising
* Make people feel guilty for not supporting us!!

This issue goes on sale on Feb 7th

If anyone does not come to Trinity and would like to buy an issue, or contribute appropriate articles, please feel free to contact me here.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

2010, or 20-10 as I suspect it will become known as, has begun.
What will the year bring? So far it has brought an end to a great Doctor Who, (and of course the beginning of a new one- Good bye David, Hello Matt! ) and the fall of a great man, (well my David came off his bike this afternoon on the ice and looks a little the worse for the wear). Neither of which are particularly good things to have happened, in my opinion, and yet I am feeling pretty positive about this year.
I am a different person than I was even this time last year. God has worked His miracles in my life and given me the strength to now bring Him to other people who are in desperate need of finding love and healing. This, I feel, is what I have been called (and indeed prepared) to do. All the things that have happened to me, and that I have experienced over the years, have grown me into the person I am now. God has moulded me into the shape I am and I want to fill the Jane shaped hole that I believe awaits me in 2010 in Trinity Church and in the town of Boston!
The Street Pastor venture will begin at the end of this month. I am keen, so keen!
Boston’s Soup kitchen is running well and being so well used that I am beginning to believe that much, much more is needed. There are so many people out there who have nowhere but doorways and bus shelters to sleep at night. It is cold at the moment, so, so cold. More than a soup kitchen is needed and I want to do more. I have no idea what I can do. I am one person, but I feel that I should be trying to do something.
There are going to be difficult things happening this year to. Things that I am trying to not even think about yet because I don’t know how I will cope, and yet, I do know that I will cope. With the help of the One who has brought me thus far and has a plan for me will give me the strength to cope and not just to cope, but I need to believe that He will lead me by the hand to even better places!
May I wish us all a New Year in which we do whatever we can for whoever we can, a New Year in which we smile more than ever and a New Year in which we put Him first in all that we do!