Monday, 29 March 2010


On the way to taking Molly riding on Sunday we passed an old dwelling. There were bee hives in the overgrown garden and the house was covered with out of control ivy. I did not venture inside. Apart from the KEEP OUT sign, Molly kept telling me that the place looked as though it was on the point of collapse and she was doubtful if I would emerge alive! I took some photographs and we examined the dead badger floating in the dyke, then continued on to riding. The next dwelling, this time lived in was called 'The apiary', which made me wonder if that was the bee-keeper who once lived in the old cottage. Hmm, for some reason the photos I posted with this have not been published....Useless post with out them...

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  1. hey ya!
    just looking at your pics ... thy're all cool, the candle one is totally amazing though! love it

    H/fragz xx