Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A bit of a day!

How many waiting rooms can one person clock up in one day?
My total for today is four.
I drove to Crowland this morning to teach as usual and left at 12, heading for Grantham hospital. Mum was due to meet me there with Hattie, who had her first appointment with the Chronic fatigue syndrome services. Grantham hospital has several entrances and seemingly endless car parks! I parked eventually in car park 1b. I remember, because I committed it carefully to memory ready for later when I knew I would be needing to ask the question “where’s the car?”
We found each other, and then the first waiting room of the day presented itself to me... For some reason my 13 year old daughter had to wait in a “surgical appliances for older adults” waiting room! We were called through by a purple lady...yes, her hair had been dyed to match her woollen dress and tights. She proved to be more competent than she looked and it was a successful appointment all in all. It did however last for over an hour, meaning that my planned drive to Boston’s pilgrim hospital for my own appointment was more of a Formula 1 event.
My second waiting room of the day was at the Pilgrim outpatients department, not long here before I was called. “Wow” thought to myself, “that was quick!”
Sadly I was a bit pre-emptive in my thoughts as I was led by a sullen, sensible-shoed nurse, down several corridors to another waiting room (no 3). This one I was in for a little bit longer. Long enough indeed to browse “Arthritis today” and indeed to have a quick flick through “Your Colonoscopy”!
At last another nurse called me through to a small room, “I’ll just be taking your blood pressure and doing a weight and height check.” She informed me. After which I was led through to waiting room number 4. No magazines here. Just bare yellow walls and two or three of the ubiquitous staring old people. (You know the sort? Their gaze rests on one spot and does not move. Unwavering, it is, and this particular old fellow’s eyes were unwaveringly resting on my breasts.)
Finally I was seen. Four waiting rooms later!

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  1. one starts to develop a waiting room persona!! attuned to different sounds smells and feeling of umreality and absence from the real world - I think 4 in one afternoon is pretty good heading for record!!! Hope they can sort all problems for you both